Why pay out for a new PC when your existing one just needs a spring clean and some TLC. Just like cars, electronic gadgets do need a bit of love every now and again, too many PCs get replaced simply because they are getting slow.

Sometimes all thats needed is a simple service and some well timed advice and your device can be running as good as the day it was purchased.

Thats why we've introduced our Speed Boost service.

As part of our Speed Boost service, we carry out the following, and all for £50.00

  • scan for malware and eliminate any found
  • identify all installed applications and liaise with to remove ones that aren't needed
  • optimise the SSD/HDD
  • sanitise the registry (Windows PCs)
  • identify failing hardware and advise cost for replacement
  • identify and advise where hardware upgrade(s) will improve performance
  • clean the PC interior using compressed air, removing dust bunnies
  • clean exterior of PC using anti static cleaners
  • clean keyboard and screen using anti static cleaners (mobile devices only)
  • clean power cable and power brick using anti static cleaners
  • recommend as to ongoing computer security (anti virus, malware, passwords)

There are times however when a PC simply cannot keep up with the demands of the newest Windows 10 or Mac OS software. If this is the case, all is not lost! Your device may still have plenty of years left to run using alternative software, providing email, web surfing and word processing as well as occasional gaming. If your device has reached that point and upgrades will simply be too expensive or simply not do enough, we can discuss how your device can be used and provide a package that will convert it to a nippy, secure home computer, delaying the executioners axe for a few more years, and avoiding landfill.