Trooli gigabit
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Gigabit internet is coming to Everton, Lymington and surrounding areas

It looks like by the end of 2022 we may have an option for up to 1Gbit Fibre To The Home (FTTH) internet in Everton and the surrounding area.

A company called Trooli have started running fibre and I passed a Trooli van today on the side of the road near Fox Pond.

This is great news as we seem to be sandwiched between New Milton who have at least 1 provider of 1GBit internet supplied by CityFibre and Southampton who have a few options, most notably Toob for their extremely aggressive pricing.

Toob in Southampton are offering a 900Mbit up/900Mbit down service for £25 per month. Troolis pricing for a similar product (900Mbit down/300Mbit up) is a hefty £68 with the first month free. So almost 3 times the price for what seems like a lower tier of service.

Nonetheless, I see this as a good sign as competition in the shape of Openreach will almost definitely be coming down here too at some point in the future and we may then have a few options to choose from at last.